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SoundTastic Digital understands that creating compelling music content is like paint to a canvas. Our love of music production has been plentiful and rewarding through numerous accolades including Grammy nominated, American Music Awarded, ASCAP/BMI honorees, chart topping Billboard hits and with over 10 million in major record sales.

Music Matters

There is no better way to create an emotional connection than through music. At SoundTastic Digital, we take pride in creating music that matters, motivates and engages the masses. "By using our commercial record experience and uniquely creating undeniable music and sound design with superior clarity and definition."

Original Scores

No matter what your project, SoundTastic Digital not only has a unique catalogue of stylistically diverse music and sound design cues. We also create original pieces and sound design for your brand. Whether it be in advertisement, network/cable shows, feature films, games, documentaries, records and more.

Our Attributes

  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Flexibility

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    Music Licensing

    • Feature Film, Documentaries
    • Advertising Campaings
    • Video Games
    • Software, Products, Toys
    • Internet Web Sites, Multi-Media
    • Blogs, Podcasts
    • TV/Network Shows
    • Home Video, Slide Shows
    • Corporate, Powerpoint Presentations
    • Music Compilations, Soundtracks
    • Theater, Webisodes
    • Public Space, Music On Hold
    • Ringtones, Personal Use
    • Mechanical Royalty/Custom Licensing


    SoundTastic Digital is a full service music content company focused on the creation of original music and sound design for media. Whether you need music for a film, television/cable/online broadcast, commercial, video game music/sound design, personal web video, or just wanting a great source to find new indie music and everything in between.
    Music Licensing at a reasonable price— Previewing and licensing is also extremely simple with just a few clicks. You can listen to our entire collection of instantly-licensable tracks, get an instant automated quote and purchase your license all in one interface!

    Artful, Cutting Edge Vibrations

    The SoundTastic Digital Music Catalogue features many recordings spanning a wide range of musical genres.

    Each compostion has been meticulously crafted to feature obvious edit points and some with multiple mix versions.

    Discover musical solutions that create an emotional impact and help tell your story.  

    Music Licensing

    Solutions for all your musical and sound design needs.

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